This is a post for me to gather myself..

Something was brought to my attention last night that made me feel very uneasy and strange. Which lead to me not being able to sleep. Which lead to over thinking, which lead to ‘what the hell am I doing?’ Not in any particular situation but just, what the hell have I done with my life in the past four years?

I think I’m going to go the day without talking to anyone (that is until work, I would call out of that if I could.) Just so I can collect myself and figure out myself. No family, no friends, just myself. I’m going to eat a good breakfast and meditate; get my bills out of the way; write down any creative thought that comes to mind; start to sketch and draw and hope it turns into something I can then create; write down everything I need to improve and everything that means a lot to me; and somewhere in between do my damn laundry for once.

I need to get back in touch with the one thing that was always there for me. And to do that I just need to take the day.

Well, this post has been weird and out of place for my blog. Have a great day, fellow tumblrees.